Ron and Linda Vaught [continued]

Ron and his wife, Linda, live in Providence Forge and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Ron has a heart for moving people into relationship with Christ, seeing believers set free from religious practices and traditions that have typically stifled God’s love. With an incredible gift of discernment and a vision for the church, Ron desires to train people up in the Lord and release them into ministry, hence the name “The River Church”, which continually flows and is teaming with God’s equipping power and love, rather than a sediment pond that builds memberships and presumes to reach a lost and dying world from inside a building.

With a vision to love the local community into relationship through providing practical needs as well spiritual needs, Ron also has a heart for underserved countries. With tangible ministry outreach to India, South Africa, as well as Uganda, Ron has a vision for campus church planting and sees an opportunity to reach many nations through the drawing of students from countries throughout the globe to the love of Christ, while here originally for the US education system.

Ron looks forward to writing books, planting more churches as well as continuing to follow obediently God’s plan to love a lost and dying world. His ministry philosophy for the church, especially in North America, is to once again fulfill its responsibility of loving on and caring for people practically and spiritually while living and moving in God’s fullness.

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